Residential Roofs

Having a solid roof over your head to protect your family and your belongings ranks right up there as a top priority for each of us. When something goes wrong – a storm with hail or wind damage, a felled tree, a fire – or when a roof simply wears out, you want repair and/or replacement completed quickly and correctly. We’ve been at this for 30 years now and have learned a thing or two along the way. If you are in need of a new roof or roof repair, you have come to the right place. You can trust Del Con for thorough, honest, quality work at a fair price.

The Process

Do I Have Damage?
Though the effects of fire or a fallen tree may be obvious, roof damage from other sources is not always immediately apparent. This is especially true with hail damage and even normal wear and tear. That is why our first step will be a visual inspection via one of our trained professionals. During this process, the team member will access your roof to conduct close-up observation. We will exam the condition of the:

  • shingles (if a shingled roof)
  • underlay membrane
  • decking
  • flashing
  • vents
  • ridges and edges
  • gutters

Sometimes the damage is unmistakable and the need for attention is urgent. As storm restoration specialists, Del Con can help here, too. We will come in with the tarps and tools needed to protect your home from further damage following the incident. Once you are shored up, we’ll put a plan in place to get the proper repair underway.

Written Estimate & Scheduled Date of Installation
After we’ve had a change to thoroughly inspect your roof, we’ll provide you with a written guaranteed estimate good for 60 days. Upon acceptance of the proposal, we’ll schedule a date for your new roof.

Day of Installation
On the day of installation, we’ll generally plan to start early to maximize daylight hours. Many homeowners remain in the home during our work. If you do, plan to hear some banging and see some shingles flying. It’s all part of the process. In most cases, we’re finished in two to three days. Trust us, the beautiful, structurally sound new roof is worth the commotion. Here’s what will be happening above:

1. All the existing roofing material (i.e. shingles, tiles, etc.) will be removed.
2. The old underlayment will be removed.
3. Any decking damage will be repaired.
4. Damaged flashing will be repaired or replaced. (Valley flashing, which receives a lot of wear and tear, will most likely be replaced no matter what.)
5. Drip edge flashing will be installed around the edge of the roof.
6. New waterproof underlayment will be put down.
7. The new roofing material, i.e. shingles, tiles, etc., will be installed.
8. Vents will be reinstalled or replaced as we work our way up the roof line.
9. We conduct a thorough post-job clean-up. We want it to be as if we were never there. All debris will be hauled away. Special magnetic tools will be used to locate any lone nails that may have fallen in the yard.
10. Lastly, we’ll conduct a final inspection with you and obtain your signature of satisfaction.

The Promise
All of Del Con’s workmanship is done per manufacturer’s specifications and meets Texas Windstorm Insurance Requirements. You can trust us for professional work with superior customer service. Your priority – a solid roof over your head – is our top priority. Contact us today to schedule your estimate.